TK1 mainline kernel K20 support


Does the current mainline kernel support the K20 chip (especially GPIO) yet?

No, but we are working on this and it is expected to be included in the upcoming 2.7b4 Q3 release.

Unfortunately, this got further delayed but is now definitely scheduled for inclusion in BSP 2.8b3. You may already find the commit called linux-toradex-mainline: support for k20 mfd on apalis tk1 in the rocko-next branch of our meta-toradex-tegra git repository. Please note, however, that in rocko we updated to the mainline Linux kernel 4.14.

Sorry I made a mistake. Actually I’m using the 4.14 kernel recipe.
Ok that sounds nice. I will give that a try.

Thank you for fast responding.

You are very welcome.

it seems there is no k20 support with mainline kernel support.
The recipe doesn’t contain any patches related to k20?!

I’m currently using the the TAG Apalis-TK1-Mainline_LXDE-Image_2.7b4-20171005 from meta-toradex-tegra layer.


So now I was able to make some real tests based on CAN with the k20 MCU.
Unfortunately there is no communication possible on can1.
A try with cansend communication ends with:

net can1: Communication error

I’m using the mainline 4.14.30 Kernel with the K20 Firmware Version v1.0

Have you seen those issues also?
Can0 interface communication seems to work.

I have seen that the patch adding k20 mcu support for the mainline kernel only touches the “tegra124-apalis-v1.2.dtsi” not the “tegra124-apalis.dtsi”.
For now I added the required dts entries into the tegra124-apalis.dtsi.

Loading the MCU Firmware 0.12 doesn’t work, since it complains about firmware <-> driver version missmatch.

Any ideas ?

Latest patch in:
should fix it.

May I ask you, why you deleted my question here?

Can you ask it again? I’m not seeing any removed items.

Oh sorry I have not seen the “show more” button.

Hi, is your issue solved now?