TK1, Angstrom and LVDS Timing

I’ve got a TK1 running with the latest Apalis TK1 LXDE 2.8.3 image.

The Ixora carrier board has a 7" 1024x600 display hooked up via LVDS. The display on the Ixora works fine when using a T30 board and also works well with a TK1/Ubuntu image.

When Angstrom boots, it boots with a blank display. Adding symbolic links to the /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/tegra-egl solves that issue and upon next reboot, the display comes up with the touchscreen calibration application.

When the touchscreen application is shown, the text is clear, perfectly readable and everything seems fine. As soon as the application closes (either manually following calibration or after a timeout) its clear that either the timing settings or colour depth, etc is incorrect for the display.

My question is, how and where would I change the timing/colour settings?

The vidargs are as follows (using fw_printenv vidargs):

vidargs=video=tegrafb0:1024x600-16@60 fbcon=map:1



Having done some digging around, I added a new mode for the LVDS-0 channel into the device tree and specified the timings/resolution for the display. When I loaded the new device tree, the display was crisp as hoped.

Thanks for letting us know.

Yes, doing it via device tree is definitely the most robust approach. We are in the process of updating resp. information in the following developer website article.