[TEZI] Error raises when in local network

Hi support team,

When we are on a network without internet connection, TEZI raises an error indicating that tezi.toradex.com is not reachable. Even if we try to cheat this behavior by redirecting tezi.toradex.com on a local address (i.e via hosts file and virtual server from apache) TEZI still raises this error (maybe there is an auth process behind it).
The problem is if we don’t answer to this error, the installation process can’t start and TEZI doesn’t continue to parse tezi_config.json file. Is it possibe to fix this point in the next version ?


Tezi does search local media devices before going through network, so if you use images from a USB flash drive or SD-card with “autoinstall” set, you should be fine.

However, the URL found on local media (via tezi_config.json) get added to the end of the URL list to search for. This leads to tezi.toradex.com being processed first. In a quick test without nameserver and routing to internet it took a while until an error came up, and as you reported, only after clicking OK the image from the tezi_config.json server got displayed.

While all URL’s are scanned in parallel, processing is only done after all of the completed, this is definitely not ideal in this use case. I created a ticket for that: Toradex Easy Installer - Release Detail

Note that we currently do not do any authentication or similar, so providing a DNS server which resolves tezi.toradex.com to something locally should work (since this is more a work around than an actual use case I did not test it though).