[TEZI] Easy Installer Configuration

We have a custom carrier board which only supports USB full-speed (due to layout restrictions). This was perfectly fine with the old PXA320 CPU-module which didn’t support anything faster than full-speed.
But with the new iMX6 CPU-module my USB mass storage device is no longer recognized. I managed to solve the issue in WIN CE using a registry tweak that limits the USB speed to full-speed. However I don’t have a solution for Easy-Installer yet. Easy-Installer does not recognize my USB drive…

Is it possible to configure Easy-Installer to limit USB speed?

Hi Michael,

we will check for this issue and come to you back soon.

Best regards, Jaski

Hi Michael

You should connect a USB 1.1 Hub between the USB Mass Storage device and USB Port on carrier Board. I tried this and it works very well.