Text is not displaying instead -- is displaying in Apalis imx6 SOM BSP 5.4

I have developed the application with 4.8 QT software for Display it is working fine with BSP 2.7 After that i have deployed the same application in BSP5.4 but in this Application text is not displaying instead displaying – in the place of Text , which is worked in BSP2.7. i have checked the all the path of fonts , they are exits in the paths. can u suggest what is the route cause of the problem.
Thank in advance.


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Please note Qt4.8 is no more supported in our new BSP releases. I would request you to try with Qt5.

In Local.conf i have changed to Colibri7D machine name i built the image , now i deployed the applications of Q4.8 and QT5.0 without any issues. Same built for the Apalis imx6Q now i checked the QT5.0 no problem, But in QT4.8 text is not visible on the labels.