TegraGetPullStatePinGroup doesn't change GPIOconfig state. PWM doesn't change backlight

I’m using dll library GPIO in C#. I want to change pull state of selected pin MXM3.132 on Apalis T30, Windows CE 2013 image. I use TegraGetPullStatePinGroup(132, 2) function which works for me(used get pull state, got valid value) but when i read the changed pin pull state in GPIOConfig_WEC2013 I see that there is still set previous pull state.

It’s an error or it’s something normal in this app?

How to set AltPinFn or llevel assigned to pin name, not pin number(pin doesn’t have number).
I want to assgn function UART3_CTS_N or GPIO or change level from 0 to 1in port UART3_CTS_N which doesn’t have port number in C#.

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I’m not sure whether I did understand all your questions correctly; there are 2 issues:


While I tried to reproduce the problem, I noticed there seems to be a hardware bug inside the Tegra3 CPU: The Pulldown resistor on this signal cannot be disabled.
Whenever you activate the internal PullUp, both the Pull-up and -down resistors are active. the resulting voltage on MXM3.132 is in the range of 1.5V. It is random whether this voltage is read back as logical 0 or locical 1.

Voltage Level on UART3_CTS_N

The easiest way is to configure the alternate function to GPIO, and set the level to output, high. This is also read back internally as locical 1.