Technicsl dokumentation (circuits) Colibri T30 ,Apalis TK1,Ixora Carrier Board

We are developing a new product line and wie have to design a circuit that we wanna connect to one of the two boards (Apalis TK1 or Colibri T30). Do we have access to the technical Information(circuits) of those boards so it is easier for us to connect the two systems ?

Dear @a.andreev, thank you very much for the interest on Toradex products.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide to our customers the schematics used on our Colibri and Apalis modules.
What we instead provide for free to our customers are the design data (schematics and layout, the complete Altium project) of our carrier board.

I would recommend having a look at the following page of our developer website:

Here you will find a lot of useful information such as the above-mentioned design data, detailed design guide, the Pinout Designer Tool which is a precious instrument to guide you through the features offered by our modules and so on…

I am sure that, on this page, you will find more information than what you would have obtained by looking at our modules schematics.

I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again our community if you have further question.