Technical Support forum randomly requires post to be reviewed by moderator


when positing a reply to my own thread in the Technical Support forums. Since the change to the new forum platform. It seems from time to time to say that my reply required moderator approval.
this is kinda random and once it posts my reply immediately and sometimes it requires a moderator approval and then that takes like a 2 days to approve.
is this bug or what is causing this ?

Hi @nkj

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Which post exactly are you talking about?

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For e.g this post Apalis iMX8 QM and EMC/Wireless certification - #8 by nkj

was not appearing until the moderator had approved it.


Your Post was written on Friday and we don’t work on Saturday and Sunday, so it might be reason that this was not approved. However we will check this on our side and take care that the approval gets faster.

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yes but i was wondering why the post needed to be approved. is this something part of the new paltform ? this was not the case before.

or was there anything in my post that triggered the moderation approval required ?


Hi, there is at anti spam verification used in the community which decides to put some tickets in moderation. In the past, this was also there but we were using a different system. As I said we are regularly checking the posts in moderation and approving them.

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