Tearing on Capactive Touch Display 7" with Colibri Evaluation board + imx8x

I am running the imx8x on the Colibri Evaluation Board with a 7" Capacitive Touch Display.

When content is moving on the display I see tearing. The faster I move the worst it gets.

Below is the overlays I have applied:

I am guessing this has something to do with the pixel clock? Can you please advise what setting I need to adjust to get the tearing to go away ?

Has anyone had a chance to look at this question?

Looks like a software issue. Could you please provide more details about your case?

Answers to your questions:

Question Answer
BSP name and Version? BSP 5 (w/ tdx-xwayland distribution)
Colibri iMX8 HW version? Colibri IMX8QXP V1.0D
What framework your application is based on? QT Quick Application (Qt 5.4.12)
Are you using Toradex 7" capacitive display or some other one? Yes. Using Toradex Display. But also have the same issue on VGA output with Dell Monitor.
Is that issue reproduceable on [Linux Reference Multimedia ? Yes. Installed the image you requested and I am able to reproduce the issue. However with the demo application I do not see any issues. All animations are clean.

Instead of using my application I used the qt-charts example provided by them:

See Videos:

It’s definitely related to QT settings. Could you please check QT documentation about display settings for iMX8X SOC?

I am not able to find any documentation specific to IMX8X display settings with Qt. Do you know of any you can direct me to. Also where can I find the source code for the Toradex Cinematic demo app?

I ran the Oscilloscope example on IMX6ULL with Qt 5.14.2 and I do not see any screen tearing.

Hello, @nmohan86 !

I’m sorry for the delay.

We’ve reproduced the error and we’re working on it.

You can find Toradex cinematic source code in /usr/share/cinematicexperience-1.0

Thank you. I was actually able to solve the issue by updating to Qt 5.15.

(New Features in Qt 5.15 - Qt Wiki) I believe this is what solved the issue:

  • Embedded Linux (eglfs)
    • Added support for Vulkan, via VK_KHR_display, on NXP i.MX8 based devices. (in the eglfs_viv backend)