TCP/IP Packet via Ethernet


I am using Colibri VF61 with Linux Image. I would like to Send TCP/IP Packets over ethernet. How can it be implemented. Is there any sample code or procedure availabe

Thanks in Advance

One need to use socket API. There are lot many examples available, have a look at this.

Yes It Worked. But If My application is TCP/CLient , How can i check if A Server is Online Real Time with out using Connect Function every time

The correct answer would be here. To quote and reiterate

Note that “reachability” on IP networks is kind of tricky to test for.
It’s perfectly possible that a server machine is running any number of real services (www, ftp, whatever), but has been configured not to reply to pings since some people do that.
If possible, it’s better to just connect like the real service you want to check for.