Take display settings from Apalis T30 to iMX6

Dear Support-Team

We try to move our current projects from Apalis T30 to Apalis iMX6. We allready bring everything to run, but with display settings I have a question. We want to run a display over LVDS. I found the settings under https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/display-driver-registry-settings. But the settings seems not have the same function like on T30.

On T30 I set following parameters in the registry:


BootupStyle: 17 (dec everything)

DesktopHeight: 800

DesktopWidth: 1280

HotPlugStyle: 17

MainPanelBpp: 32




CxScreen: 1280

CyScreen: 800

LDDS: 24

LvsdBitMode: 0

LvdsEnable: 1

LvdsMap: 0

LvdsMode: 1

LvdsRS; 0

PCLK: 71100000

What are the associated settings for the iMX6? I’m desperate, can you help? With the shown settings on T30 it is possible to use LVDS-Display and also HDMI output. Would that also possible on iMX6? Thanks a lot.

Friendly greetings from Germany

Please check this article - https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/display-driver-registry-settings

Hallo @alex.tx,
Thank you for the link, which I allready know, like I described in my post.
But I can´t bring it to run. I think I setup the timings correct, but it doesn´t run. Backlight is on, but I get no picture. Here are my settings.
And here is the spec from display.
Can you see, what I did wrong? HDMI is running fine. I setup that screen as clone and center the screen on full hd monitor.

At your T30 settings you have LvsdBitMode: 0 which means 24bpp *(BTW you have a typo there) but for iMX6 you set BPP t 32. Could you try to set it to 24 ? Do you have a scope? Can you check signals on LVDS lines? Looks like you have a single LVDS channel display. You can also try change OUT to 3.
According to display datasheet snippet you posted Hsync and Vsync should be disabled but i can’t see DisableSyncs 3 at your imx6 settings. Could you please avoid posting screenshots? It hard to read them. Please share your registry settings as text file. Just do an “export” at Regedit.

I can also recommend to set UseSplashSettings to 1 and play with display parameters at bootloader level. This way you can try different combination much faster.

Thanks @alex.tx

Bpp is MainPanelBpp on T30 at documentation and that was set to 32. Also iMX6 support only 16 and 32 bpp in documentation. I tried 24 for Bpp, but then module is not starting any more.

What effects have the disable of Hsync and Vsync for the timings? Can I set hsw and vsw to zero, when I disable that settings and only use front an back porch? Do you have an example for DE mode?

Hey again,

I bring display to show the content. I made wrong settings at oep and pcp. I read that in wrong direction. Also the timing settings I changed. It seems that value for vertical total adress time in datasheet of vendor is wrong. I increased it to 845 lines and after that it shows a clear picture. Here are the settings from the registry (this time in text format :wink: ). The settings are for InnoLux G101ICE-L01.


Glad your problem was solved. Thank you for the update.