T30, WinCE 7, Sound, C#

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T30, WinCE7, C#/WinForms

I’m trying to use the following C# code:

 soundPlayer = new SoundPlayer();
 soundPlayer.Stream = new MemoryStream(Properties.Resources.tone);

This partially works, in a standalone program. But then in a bigger program the last line (the actual play) kills the application, at least while debugging. By now I have no other thread than the UI (use only Form Timers). As far as I can tell additional threads are related to the call itself (soundPlayer.PlayLooping();). Tried to look maybe it is something to do with memory, but also does not seem to be close to any limit.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Currently we are not aware of such an issue. Do you get any information when the application gets killed? Did you once check the debug output in such a situation.

What image version did you test with (V1.4, V2.0 beta 3, …)?