T30 hangs on boot

I have a Colibri T30 that hangs on boot. It has been running fine with WinCE7. I rebooted to test something and it hung on boot and now I can’t get past the error. There is nothing I changed that should have caused on problem like this.

Here’s a list of the last messages I receive.

Loading USBHost(Port3)...Done
Loading DisplayDriver...Done(33)
Set LCD to 800x480 (59Hz)
Loading Keyboard/MouserDriver...Done
Loading TouchDriver...Maximum Allowed Error 5:Done
Invalid time on External RTC, please set a valid time
AX88772B: instantiate [AX88772B1]
AX88772B: MediaChange()

Is there anything I can do to restore/recovery WinCE if I can’t get past this problem?


@sbickle99 which image version are you using? Do you still see the splash screen when the boot process gets stopped? Could you once try to clear the registry? Does this help? An other explanation could be that you have something in a AutoRun folder that stops the boot or at least looks like stopping it.

What happens if you copy any application in a AutoRun folder on a USB memory device, will this application be exectued?

It looks as if explorer (shell) gets not loaded any more. According to the log you posted, Ethernet gets loaded, so the boot process actually is done and explorer should be loaded in a next step.

The image version is 1.4. I do see the Toradex logo splash screen when I receive the messages I listed above.

I’ve had no luck using AutoRun with a USB or otherwise.

Explorer never started so I’m not sure what happened.

I was able to restore everything using the recovery instructions. Next time I will try to clear the registry.