T30 - default_533 error

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I am trying to lower the memory frequency by using default_533 and latest update tool but i get an error saying “UDLDoUpdate: Error: -1”… What should I do?




Dear @alec,

Thank you for contacting support and providing details.

As per your log messages, it seems Hw config entry of the module is screwed up(6.0 not valid). Could you please set correct HW config entry on the bootloader command prompt as shown in below.

>set hw
hw.vermaj:      1               (Major Version)
hw.vermin:      1               (Minor Version)
hw.variant:     04              (Variant Number (stuffing options))

We are not recommending update tool starting from the FlashDisk. So, please keep complete Update tool 6.0.15 package on the external storage(SD card or USB Flash drive) and try the same procedure.

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Having trouble setting them in the command prompt…

Dear @Alec,

This will not work on the console. You need to connect the serial port to PC and enter into bootloader menu and input below commands.

>set hw.vermaj 1
>set hw.vermin 1
>set hw.variant 04