T20 Linux: Setting brand new videomode

I am using T20 with Linux V2.3 BSP
X server is disabled

I can set in U-Boot DTS file u-boot-toradex/brand/toradex/colibri_t20.dts a brand new LCD videomode 1024*600@ 16 bits with related timings Pixel Clock, front porch etc.

However when booting Linux according to kernel input parameters “video=tegrafb0:1024x600-16@60”
the LCD resolution is exact, but LCD timings, for instance Pixel Clock change.

So I believ this videomode is not exactly described in the kernel provided modes.
In your article “Display Output, Resolution and Timings (Linux)”, I cannot found how to add to kernel
this exact videomode and related timings, so that it is exactly recognized by kernel video parameter

Thank you for your attention.

You could hard code your modes in the kernel sources similar to as done in the following commit. Please note that you will still have to reference your particular mode via vidargs for it to take effect.