T20 analog inputs Linux

Dear Community;

I am working with a Colibri T20 and analog inputs, but in the developer center I have read this “On the Colibri T20 the WM9715 supports ADC read-out through the battery driver. Currently only AD0 and AD1 are supported.” I need the 4 analog inputs available. So is there any way to use the AD2 and AD3 as well as the AD0 and AD1?

Thank you a lot.

Yes, you may simply extend the driver to your liking.

Sorry but can you explain please a little bit how can I that work? Thank you a lot.

This is the driver I’m talking about.

Thank you @marcel.tx , how can I install these driver?

Is it possible to do when building T20 kernel following this tutorial?

That really is the driver that gives you AD0 and AD1 out-of-the-box (e.g. it is already installed). However, it would need extending to give you AD2 and AD3 whose support it is currently missing.

ok, thank you, it is clear.