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I’m currently evaluting the Toredex Core Linux and trying to install it on a Kontron IMX8 Device which has Systemready support. There is a u-boot Bootloader Version on the Kontron device which is Systemready compliant (UEFI Firmware + u-boot that contains a device tree).
I could proove this by installing a Systemready compliant version of a other manufacturers linux.

The fact that Toradex has a version which runs on Raspberry PI made me think that it might work indirectly with systemready devices. Torizon for Raspberry Pi and x86-64 devices. I guess that was a misassumption. I was trying to load the kernel on the u-boot konsole manually to RAM and boot from there with:
$ load usb 0:2 $kernel_addr_r kernel8.img
and load usb 0:2 $kernel_addr_r vmlinuz-5.10.83-torizon-standard
Both Kernels (if they are kernels) don’t really work and its hard to find out which one is really used.

I also tried to load the Linux onto the local mmc storage and had no success.

On the ARM Webseite Toradex is listed as Systemready partner:

I’m unfortunately not a specialist with u-boot and systemready, so could someone point me into the right direction?
What I want to achieve in the end is run the Toradex Core stack via Systemready on the Kontron device if its available (still not sure yet).
If that would not work I will try to run toradex core on this hardware the classic way but that would take me much longer.

This is the hardware:
Kontron Device: AL i.MX8M Mini

Thanks for your help!

Hi @alexander.schaepper ,

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Thanks for the request.

The team is processing it and will come back to you as soon as possible.

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Hello @alexander.schaepper,

Today we have a couple of initiatives on bringing the easy-to-use and quality of TorizonCore to other platforms.
Our main work until now is a community-driven Common Torizon · GitHub and we have plans to expand the supported hardware and the tooling to support this initiative.
Currently, it is not SystemReady compliant and your hardware should be integrated into the Yocto. However, as we used pretty well-known software I think it could be feasible to add in this manner.
We are evaluating SystemReady for our hardware and software and it depends on the market and on the demand and requests from our customers, so I thank you for your inquiry. It will be considered in our next development and also in our community edition - how to make it easier to port TorizonCore to other hardware and let customers take advantage of our Linux distribution and everything Torizon Platform can offer.
If you have any other issues or need help on how to contribute to CommonTorizon, please let us know.

Thanks a lot.
Renato Kiss