Switch from tdx-wayland to torizoncore on Apalis imx8

Working on Apalis imx8 with Ixora V1.2A board.

I installed the Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Multimedia Image while setting up but later came across TorizonCore.
I want to run Docker on the SoM, and want to have the recommended TorizonCore with evaluation containers on the board. How can I switch?
I don’t really have any experience in this domain and any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @sdass ,

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So the easiest way to got here is to recover the module and install TorizonCore with the evaluation containers directly through Toradex Easy Installer.

Recover the Module:

And then install Toradex Easy Installer:

Then from there, you can choose the TorizonCore with eval containers as the image to be flashed onto the module.

For more information about anything Torizon related I recommend having a look here:

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Thanks for the prompt and detailed response!

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