Support of Verdin SoM in renode

I see that renode supports only one SoM by Toradex, which is the Colibri iMX7D.
I don’t know if Verdin SoM family can be added or not, and if this job should be done by Toradex and/or renode ecosystem.

Do you see any technical issue in adding the support?

Hi @vix !

I can say that this is the first time I have heard about Renode.

It seems to be a nice framework for software development and testing.

From their website, I found only support for Toradex Tegra T30 (Supported boards - Renode - documentation).

I have asked internally if anyone is aware of it, but it is quite possible that any support for Toradex hardware in there was not done by Toradex.

From the technical side, I can’t say that there is some issue adding support there, as I have never used it. I would say it is possible. Since it is an open-source software, you can surely get help from the developers of Renode to add support there.

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Hi @henrique.tx

I see that renode has been developed by Antmicro, who is one of the official Toradex partners :wink:
This is the reason why I asked who is in charge to add the support (if possibile).

Hi @vix !

Yeah, I saw that :slight_smile:

If you check the git blame of the people who added support to Toradex Tegra T30, you might find out who they are :male_detective: :stuck_out_tongue:

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