Support for Felgo on Torizon QT

Hello We are looking at framework for development of UI / Application on Torizon , would like to know if this is supported or not supported.

If supported are there any baseline performance benchmarks.

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Greetings @conceptive,

Currently the Felgo framework is not supported/has been even tried on Torizon to my knowledge. Nor is there any internal plans at the moment to pursue this. However, I can bring this up internally to the team here at Toradex. While this doesn’t guarantee that we will pursue support of Felgo it might be the case that we could depending on overall customer feedback and need.

That being I’ll let you know here if there’s any story/news about Felgo internally that I can share.

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Thanks for your quick revert , it helps quite a bit .


Support for such frameworks might be helpful for rapid development , do keep me posted if there is any possibility


At the moment it seems it has been discussed previously by our development teams, but ultimately the decision was to not pursue such integration.

Though please don’t hesitate to check back in as plans can always change.

Though it’d be interesting to know if you desire Felgo framework cause it provides certain features/capabilities that have no alternative. Basically whether Felgo is a hard requirement for you or if there is flexibility for alternatives.

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Hi, Chris here from Felgo. We can build Felgo (including hot code reloading and all the additional Qt APIs) for any platform Qt runs on, including Torizon or other Toradex/Embedded platforms. Contact us here if you are interested:


Hi @chrisfelgo

Thanks for your Input.

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