Suggestion for camera

Dear Toradex,

I am working Toradex Apalis IMX6Q with Android Nought. I want to interface the came with my Custom board. I have 15 pin camera connector. I want the compatible camera for this camera connector.

Now I am using OV5647 (15 pin camera connector). In software I am doing raw code conversion. Because of this I loss some frames. So, I want camera want this raw code conversion (in hardware side). So, By this way I will protect the frame loss .

And also I needs Android compatible (omnivision software) .

Please suggest the good camera with 15 pin camera connector.

Thanks & Regards,


Please check the below thread for image.

I got from this reference from toradex. But, it is not 15 pin connection

If you need an 15-pin connector that you can make an Adapter.