Stop working RNDIS(usb0) after set fdt_board=iris-v2

My setup:

  • imx8x,
  • iris version 2.0 ,
  • LVDS display 800x480
  • last image Colibri-iMX8X_Reference-Multimedia-Image-Tezi_6.3.0-devel-20230705+build.328.tar

After download image into imx8x RNDIS work OK , I have device usb0
but LVDS display don’t work.

My changes:

  • fw_setenv fdt_board iris-v2
  • echo fdt_overlays=colibri-imx8x_panel-cap-touch-7inch_overlay.dtbo>/boot/overlays.txt

After that changes LVDS display works OK, but RNDIS stop working

Is possible use both LVDS and RNDIS ?

Hello @MariusM ,
Could you please share with us the full name and version of the iMX8X SoM that you are using?

This overlay is meant for a display using the parallel interface, not the LVDS. Can you confirm the type of interface of your display?

Do you get any error messages regarding RNDIS or the display?

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First dmesg after install , no changes in uboot and overlays
dmesg_Evaluation_Board_V3.txt (32.4 KB)

Second dmesg after change in fw_setenv fdt_board iris-v2, RNDIS stop working
dmesg_Iris_V2_Board.txt (31.1 KB)

At this moment display works but the image is incorrect

I must change default overlays to one of colibri-imx8x_*-7inch*.dtbo

I have LVDS I’m sure ,
I tested all colibri-imx8x_*-7inch*.dtbo and all works on my display 800x480

Hello @MariusM ,

Could you elaborate more on that issue? Can you share a picture of the image you get VS the expected one?

Best regards,

Hello @MariusM ,
Do you have any updates on the topic?

Best regards,

I build Colibri-iMX8X_Reference-Multimedia-Image and RNDIS always works

Will report back if the situation changes

Hello @MariusM ,
Thanks for the update.

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