Stepper motor control

Anyone done servo/stepper motor controller with pulse and direction with any of the Toradex.

The requirement is to generate 1MPPS for CW/CCW

@kumareasu, I guess it would help if you could share more details. Which operating system are you targeting? Which information are you looking for exactly? Some source code? Schematics? Motor part-numbers? Thanks for further information on this request.

I would like to use Colibiri iMX7 for my project. I want to use Panasonic Servo Drive & Motor with pulse and direction. The feedback from the servo Motor(Via Servo drive) is quadtrature Encoder signals.Please see the following link to understand better about my request…

Hello Mr. Kumar,

Sorry, we have not done any experiment in-house of that sort to interface servo/stepper motor.
This will need some considerable effort to evaluate & understand what is possible, also it depends on what other things you want to do in your application.

Maybe some of our other community members may have some experience and they would like to give you some idea of what’s possible.

Yeah, i do that with 7 Steppers (STEP/DIR) Steppers and other “hard-realtime” stuff like AB decoding. Best way is to do that on the CortexM4 Core.

If you want to do this from the A Cores you will need either a Preempt-Linux or a microkernel (e.g. xenomai).

Hello @UKaufmann

can you please provide documents related how to interface stepper motor with colibari VF61
thank you in advance !

can you please provide how to interface stepper motor with colibari vf61
Thank you in Advance !

hi @L_shreyash

Can you ask a new question with all the needed information about your application: hardware ans software version of the module, … ?

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