Status of rpmsg support in Torizon

can someone clarify which is the status of rpmsg support (Cortex-A to Cortex-M) in Torizon?
Is it supposed to work in verdin imx8m-mini?

Greetings @vix,

Currently the state of RPMSG in Torizon and our 5.X BSP in general is “undefined” at best. There are aspects that do work, but many others that do not, or haven’t been tested thoroughly to know their state at the time. I also can’t give any definite timelines on when full RPMSG support will be available at this time.

Could you describe your full use-case/requirement that you want to use RPMSG for?

One thing I can recommend is trying the solution described in this post: RPMSG does not work on IMX8M-Plus

It’s for the Verdin i.MX8M Plus, which is similar to the Verdin i.MX8M Mini, so the same/similar instructions may also apply here.

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Hello @jeremias.tx
Some weeks ago I had a call conf with sale engineer and @renato.tx and @rafael.tx to explore if Verdin iMX8M could be a good platform for our new project.
Not (yet) fully supported RPMSG is a show-stopping for our evaluation.
Our scenario is Cortex-M handling motors and I/O in real-time (FreeRTOS), communicating to Cortex-A which is responsible to handle HMI/GUI/Communication.
For sure I’ll go on with the suggested solutions, but I would expect to see official RPMSG support soon :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me know if I can do something to help Toradex in this taks and I try to do my best

I’ll put in your request to the team to put in extra pressure on this feature. Though I hope you understand at this time I still can’t give any guarantees on timeline or such.

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