Start Easy Install from USB drive

We have made a custom baseboard based on the Ixora board. As part of the customization, the USB OTG connector was removed. This means we can no longer start Easy Installer software by restarting the board through “bmode usb” and then running the recovery script to upload the image.

Is it possible to start Easy Installer from a USB pendrive? Is this already described somewhere? (I looked around, but couldn’t find it so far).

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Currently Toradex Easy Installer relies on recovery mode to work and it’s the only supported configuration.

Ok, thanks for the info. Is this something that is on the roadmap, or not?

Actually, maybe I need to rephrase the question: Is it possible to put the tezi image on a USB pendrive and load it from u-boot?

That should be possible, copy boot.scr and tezi.itb to a USB pendrive and execute run distro_bootcmd in uboot. You can also use the same pendrive to store your images.

I was wondering something similar: is it is possible to run easy installer from a pen drive with WEC7?

We don’t have a need yet to update the OS in the field but I’m trying to plan ahead :slight_smile:

We’re using the iMX6 solo with our customized WEC7 OS.

This field-update thing is probably not going to be an issue. I’ll revisit our OS design and load it up with anything that appears remotely useful, and all our new units will be shipped with that.

There are only a few units in the field at this time, and if we absolutely have to we’ll get them shipped back for the OS upgrade.

However, as a feature suggestion, I think OS updates in the field would be pretty cool.

Hello guzoo,

regarding the field-update thing there are already some commercial solutions like mender. Although, I created one solution of my own by exploring U-Boot a little bit. I download my image and flag some uboot variables to update the image.

I don’t know how it is with Windows but it’s perfectly possible with Linux.

Please avoid hijacking old questions but ask a new question referencing this one if that seems of value. Please note that WinCE/WEC uses its own update tooling.