Standardised benchmarking of Apalis IMX6 vs Raspberry Pi 3B+ vs Google Coral IMX8

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I tried reaching the support mail of Toradex to get some insights into my questions but did not get a response, I hope I would get some response here. So I will copy the mail here with questions so that it gives you enough context.

We are a startup company in New Delhi working on energy efficiency in sectors like Hospitals, Hotels, and Industries. We have developed a building management system called Dejoule that is currently deployed at over 20 different client sites pan-India saving energy equivalent to powering 12500 average Indian households with 350 controllers currently deployed on-site. We are projecting to deploy another 2000 controller with 150 new sites in this financial year. Our controllers are based on raspberry pi SBCs in which we are facing certain reliability issues Therefore, we are looking forward to using Toradex SOM in our edge devices to boost our reliability. Before moving further on this, I needed your support to help me clarify some of the doubts and also help me with some relevant resources. These are mentioned below as follows:

Note: Our application requires running several computational logics, Databases running on the edge, and distributed computing algorithms that require a large amount of CPU extensive computation at the edge?

  • We also have other alternatives to
    Toradex Apalis IMX6 at hand that we
    are looking into as options i.e Coral
    IMX8 SOM. Can you help me with any
    standardized benchmarking report in
    comparison to a similar device to
    help us to decide the relevant SOM
    for our architecture and
    requirements? Benchmarking report in
    comparison to Rasberry Pi 3 B+ and
    CORAL IMX8 SOM board would be
  • Also, can you help with other points
    that would stand in favor of Toradex
    in comparison to Coral IMX8 and
    Raspberry PI 3B+ apart from how both
    controllers stand in the standard
    benchmarking head to head that I
    should be considering while deciding
    between the three?

Hi Harsh.

Thanks for posting to Toradex Community. I hope you are doing good in the current COVID situation.

Regarding your query

From Toradex we have not done any benchmark yet in comparison to Raspberry pi or Coral. Certainly, we have used NXP iMX8 and have modules in a different configuration with iMX8QuadMax, QuadPlus, DualXPlus, DualX, iMX8M Quad, iMX8M DualLite.

The closets matching specification will be Verdin iMX8M which uses the same SOC as Coral, with better RAM and onboard memory of 2GB and 16GB eMMC respectively.

If you need more performance then we have Apalis iMX8QuadMax in Apalis family.

For other aspects like availability and USP, We have forwarded request to sales and they will reach you for detailed discussion.


  • Google TPU comes for PCIe interface
    also so they can be interfaced with
    Toradex Module to offload inference
    on TPU.
  • There are some demo videos on the
    same page in Apalis link which you
    may like to see for more

Please let us know if you have any queries.