ST7789S driver support in Toradex Apalis imx6

We are emigrating from ARM-cortex M3 based UI module design to Apalis board mentioned above. We are using NHD-2.4-240320CF-CSXV-F display which has ST7789S built-in driver.
Configuration of the device was done using FPGA and then the same 8-parallel linse were routed towards ARM LCD interface for displaying UI.
How to do the same using Apalis module without using external FPGA(or any other device) for configuration ?
Is there built-in driver support for ST7789S in Apalis?

Looks like ST7789S can support parallel RGB interface which is implemented on Apalis iMX6 module.
What kind of configuration you doing through FPGA?

As per the datasheet of ST7789s, the above mentioned display needs to be initialised before using. Hence FPGA is used to to following tasks:
memory data access control
Interface Pixel format
Porch setting
Gate Control
Positive Voltage Gamma control
Negative Voltage Gamma control etc.

Most of our modules have an parallel RGB interface with internal frame buffer. iMX6 modules have GPU and VPU for 2d and 3d graphic acceleration and they won’t work with screen buffer located at display itself. So usage of display like yours is unusual. I briefly check ST7789s documentation and looks like you can switch it to parallel RGB mode without RAM access just by bootstrapping Im0-Im3 pins. Then you don’t need to do any additional configuration