SSH error Authentication failed Toradex

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Dear Support,

With putty, I can connect my device, but with VS code through the network, I can’t. Please see the image below.

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Hi @Mehrdad ,

Just to be sure, are you inputting the correct credentials when adding the device i.e. the same ones in Putty? On my side (on a GNU/Linux machine) the message only appears when inputting an incorrect username and/or password.

Does the error persist if you remove the stable Torizon extension and install the early access version instead, or vice-versa?

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Lucas Akira

Hi @lucas_a.tx ,

The IP address and password I entered are correct.
you are right when I tried to uninstall the Toradex Torizon Support and install the Toradex Torizon Support (Early Access) happened after that. after that, I uninstall and install again the VS code but still has issues.

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Hi @Mehrdad !

Could you please share the logs from Moses in text (not a screenshot)?

You can get them from the Outputs tab of VS Code itself by selecting “Torizon IDE Backend process”. See the reference image below:

Edit: fixed the place from where the logs should be grabbed.

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