SSH Connection: SSH Tunnel Error

I’m using Torizon in VsCode. When I add my Colibri using “Device” inside VSCode there is no problem, the Colibri is found, this is a network connection. When I try to re-establish connection after the Colibri restarts I get:

SSH Tunnel Error: Could not establish session to SSH Gateway

I can establish SSH using putty. I can establish a connection via PowerShell on my windows PC, I used Toradex document “SSH” as a reference for establishing connection in PowerShell.

I had this issue a couple days ago but somehow I was able to get SSH connection in VSCode. I really don’t know what I did to make that happen, now the issue is back

While I was at my company office I had no issues establishing connection. Now I’m working remotely (different network but same PC) and i’m having issues.

What could be the problem?


Greetings @CEK,

Well glad that the issue resolved itself but you do seem to be experiencing some strange intermittent connection issue here. There’s not much for me to go off of here to debug/recreate. In the future if you do figure out any more details about this issue please document everything and report it here. Also make sure to mention what version of the IDE extension and VSCode you are using. We are always motivated to fix any such bugs with our solutions.

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Its working! After i sent the original question i went to lunch. An hour latter I came back, hit the refresh button in VSCode and the connection is established.

Not sure why that is

I have the same issue. The detect device seems to work as the device reboots, show the Torizon logo then comes up with the Portainer login screen. Then the Visual Studio Torizon Device Listing shows the following. Logging into Portainer makes no difference.

Tried with serial and same issue. Using Putty I can login. Any attempt to login via the VS Torizon Devices causes a reset and the the SSH tunnel error. Refresh and Update don’t seem to do anything

Hi @laugher5,

Just to confirm what version of the extension are you running? Also can you check if perhaps some kind of firewall could be blocking communication here? The backend of the extension is called “moses” sometimes firewalls like Windows Firewalls block this.

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The Extension for Visual Studio is Toradex Torizon C/C++ Version 1.3.0. Here is some new information: if I open Chrome and put the model-device-serial number in (http://apalis-imx6-10657251:8840) it at first doesn’t connect. Then if I unplug and plug back in my ethernet connection it connects. Refresh or Update on my Torizon Devices still doesnt do anything. If I delete the device and try again it resets fills in all the information about the device but still gets the SSH Tunnel error. Doesn’t sound like firewall if chrome can get through

Ahh I noticed the new thread you opened here:

Let’s continue the investigation on that thread so it’s better organized.

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