Splash screen UBoot white part of the image is changed to black

I am trying to change the splashscreen with the new image during UBoot. The image has majority of white colored pixels in it. When I compile the UBoot with the new image and flash it to the device, the new splash screen is displayed. But the white colored pixels of the image is converted to black. If I display this image by using “bmp display” command in UBoot console it works fine. Can anybody suggest me a solution?

What exact versions of things are you talking about?

How did you change the U-Boot source tree to add your image?

What is the ouput of file <your-bmp>

Thank you for your response. Sorry for not mentioning the version. I am using UBoot 2016.11 as base for building the custom UBoot. I have changed my bmp file name to toradex.bmp and copied it to tools/logos folder and then compiled the UBoot. Output of my bmp file is
toradex.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 320x240x8

Let me know if you need further details.


It works here. E.g. if I use the attached file I get a distorted logo in a white box on the HDMI output.

Is your screen size and your bmp size exactly the same? Does it help if you reduce the bmp dimensions to something smaller?


Sorry for the late response. The issue is related to the bmp to header file converter. The bmp image creation proceed and image creation tool used was not compatible with the bmp to header file converter tool. I followed the procedure with GIMP in linux and it was working fine. Thank you for the response.