Splash screen on duration

is it possible to change the duration of time that the splash screen is displayed ? i have tried to use the display on delay but that seems to be the amount of time the display is on before the splash screen comes on. ss.dispondelay: 100 (Display On Delay (ms))*

my end goal is to have the splash screen displayed until my application loads, is this possible?

Dear @deirich
The dispondelay does only affect the power sequencing of the DISP_ON signal, before the splash screen is shown.

The splash screen then is displayed until the display driver sees the first graphical operation.

  • Possibly the Windows Explorer (“Desktop”) gets visible before your application? You can disable the Explorer to avoid that. If you need it later, simply run explorer.exe.
  • Make sure your application does not output anything (even not automatically in the startup code) before you want the splash screen to disappear.

Best Regards, Andy