Splash Screen for VF50 and iMX7S

I had purchased BMZ tool from Toradex i Dec 2017 for Colibro T20 Modules Splash Screen and it was working fine. Now when I try to use the same BMZ file in Colibri VF50 or Colibri iMX7S or Colibri iMX7D then i am unable to see the splash file in the update tool. So i had refer the previous question i.e. Colibri iMX6 Flashing Custom Splashscreen - Toradex Community where it had been asnswered that it require New Tool to create Splash Screen. So please provide me the new tool.

Hi Madhur ji,

Please check your mail. I have shared with you the missing splash screen tools.

Instructions are also provided in the shared files.