Splash Screen for Colibri iMX6 board under WinCE2013

Good day!
Please provide information which tool can be downloaded from your support website to allow set a Spash Screen image for Colibri iMX6 board running under WinCE2013.
We need to have a tool allowing .BMP format image to be set as a Splash Screen please.

Thank you,

The Splash Screen feature isn’t implemented on iMX6 modules yet. It’s planned for Q2 2016. Please see our roadmap:
We don’t plan to have a tool on the module which does the conversation to the splash screen. The process would be similar to our other modules, this means you have to convert a BMP to the right file format and then load the converted file to the module.


Custom splash screen feature on iMX6 modules is not yet available. This feature is scheduled to be release in Q2, 2016. Follow image release roadmap for more updates.

Will the implementation include the splash screen config settings in the bootloader. We are looking at a considerable delay between the module starting, and the display settings being configured by CE once it has loaded. Being able to set the splash screen settings in the bootloader would be very important to us.