SPI on NXP Kinetis K20 processor to connect to 2 ADCs

Hello Toradex Team,
We are building our own carrier board for Toradex-TK1 along with high speed ADCs, DACs, etc to suit a particular customer requirement.

As per the block diagram of Toradex-TK1, we have seen 1 lane of SPI between NVIDIA Tegra TK1 processor core to NXP Kinetis K20 processor.

We wanted to connect 2 high speed ADCs to NXP Kinetis K20 processor on our custom carrier board.
We are not going to use the inbuilt ADCs of Kinetis K20 because of data rate limitations.
We wanted to know the best possible method to connect 2 SPI based ADC chips to communicate with Kinetis K20 processor available on Toradex-TK1 module. Please provide the necessary support.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @sv_nagendra

Could you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module?

Regarding your question, what is your application and use-case?

Which data rate are you trying to achieve?
What will you do with these ADC Data?

Best regards,