SPI communication using IMX7D

working Environment : WINCE7, Visual Studio 2008

Hello, There !

We are working on one of project in that we are trying to read 16-bit data form ADC, in that we are able to read data with VF61 using Colibri SPI interface and tested with Oscilloscope but when we are using IMX6 and IMX7 in this case unable to observe shared data from oscilloscope along same ADC, can you please suggest how to read data with IMX6 and IMX7?

@raja @andy.tx can you suggest any updates

Could you please provide more info about your case? What ADC are you using ? How exactly it’s connected to SOM? How are you riding it with VF61? What kind of error do you have with iMX6 and iMX7? Which WinCE version are you using?