Soundcard not visible under linux 4.6.2 kernel

Dear Mr,

I have applied sound card patch available from link LKML: Marcel Ziswiler: [PATCH 1/3] ASoC: tegra: add tegra sgtl5000 machine driver. Later on I turned on soundcard module during kernel configuration, as you can see in .config file as bellow:


but still, cannot see apalis T30 sound card. Only soundcard from evaluation board is visible. I cannot see any info about loading apalis sound card in dmesg. Can you give me a hint if I missed somethink? Bellow you can find my current soundcard list:

 0 [tegrahda       ]: tegra-hda - tegra-hda
                      tegra-hda at 0x70038000 irq 345

Thank you in advance for your response

Well, you would also need to apply the second and third patch of that series. Better yet consider applying an updated version thereof available here.