Sound issue with WEC 7 image 1.4 over Colibri T20

Hi, we are facing some issues with the audio in the 1.4 version of the WEC 7 image over a Colibri T20 module.

We have an application developed in C # which is basically a form with buttons. These buttons play a sound of “click” every time they are pressed. What we noticed is that there is a kind of delay for each reproduction of sound that gives a sense of “lag” unacceptable for the application. The situation worsens when 2 sounds overlap.

We test the image 1.3 and there is the same issue. For the moment we are still using the 1.2 image because doesn’t have these problem, although we know that has other problems, so we want to use the last available.

Please let me know if these is a know issue and/or if there is a workaround to solve it.

May be this issue could be related to issue 13878 . If you could send us a small sample application that shows the issue we could quickly give it a try if smaller audio buffers could fix this issue.

Are you using the touch display to play the sound or are you clicking the buttons with a mouse.

ok, I’m going to send you a small sample.

Yes, I’m using the touch display.

samuel.bissig I just finished the example you asked me, where can I send it to you?

Sorry samuel but I can`t see the option to make the link private, is there another option?

@skabo: Put it on and send us the link over our support address: