Sometimes the sistem goes off-line

We are using imx6ULL last Toradex BSP, NXP proprietary driver and sometimes (very rarely) the communication goes offline for a while. When it happens I cannot ask nmcli for available wi-fi networks and eventually wpa_supplicant detects the problem and restart network. I can manually restart wpa_supplicant to make the internet work again.
I was wondering if there is a wpa_supplicant configuration to verify connectivity more often. Or if there is a workaround for this problem.

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Hi @rfantin ,

Which BSP version are you using?

This is the first time I have heard about this, do you have any logs of when this issue happens? Is possible to send the dmesg after the problem occurs?

Also, if possible share with us the wpa_supplicant service output.

We expect that the NXP proprietary drivers solve all issues related to connection, is it possible to you to check if this is something related to your application using the wpa_supplicant?

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Daniel Morais

We found the problem. Our system searched for near access points very frequently, this makes the system goes off-line. Reducing the frequency solved the problem.

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