Some VF50 modules slower to boot Windows CE than others

I have 2 VF50 modules, both V1.1A.
I’ve noticed that there is a huge difference in the amount of time it takes them to boot into Windows CE.
I measure the time from “OEMLAUNCH” until I see the Windows CE desktop.
The fast module takes approx 8 seconds (this seems normal and expected to me).
The slow module takes approx 1 minute, 10 seconds.
It also seems that the slow module is inconsistent, sometimes the duration has been over 4 minutes.
Both modules have had both bootloader and os image to reloaded using V1.4b1.
I’m assuming the slow module is somehow defective.
Is there something that can make the module hang at OEMLAUNCH?

Any suggestions?

Do you maybe have i2c lines floating? Do you see this delay also on our evb? You can also enable debug output in boot loader and see what driver takes that long.

Its stuck at: Waiting for flash disk \FlashDisk for 60 seconds
In Windows CE there is no mounted “FlashDisk”.
In Control Panel, Storage Manager, there is “DSK0: Internal NAND flash” but I cannot format it or create partitions. I get generic error “unable to format store” and “unable to create partition”

To fix this just enter the boot loader and type “eraseflash filesystem” and reboot.

Are this new modules or some old modules that you updated?

I redid the recovery procedure for the OS image and its working properly now. Maybe I skipped the “eraseflash filesystem” step? That’s the only thing I can think of.