[SOLVED] Can't load back Easy Installer

I’m testing Easy Installer on brand new Apalis iMX6 boards.
I’ve succesfully istalled the Linux LXDE Image on the board via the pre-installed Toradex Easy Installer.
Now I want to switch back to Easy Installer to try to load a custom image.
I’ve followed the Load Toradex Easy Installer guide (using an Ixora carrier board, connected to PC via OTG port, JP2 removed). I’ve booted the system in USB mode (both via HW and SW) and run the recovery-linux script, that outputs:
Successfully downloaded Toradex Easy Installer.
But when I reboot the board, Linux LXDE still runs.
Any hints?
I’m using the last Toradex Easy Installer version for Apalis (20180731)

AFAIK the recovery image is only loaded into the RAM. So after rebooting the “normal” image is loaded from the eMMC.

Didn’t know this…
I’ve just repeated the procedure (from Windows this time, but I suppose it’s the same from Linux) with the serial terminal visible. Noticed that the system reboots and I get a “Welcome to Toradex Easy Installer”.
Rebooting the system, Linux LXDE starts; it confirms that it is just loaded in RAM.
To have it back permanently on the system, from the “RAM session” one have to install the Easy Installer from the Easy Installer.
Thanks for the hint!

Perfect, that it works. Thanks for the feedback.