Software Flow Control on IMX6

Hello all,
I’m trying to implement serial communication with one device which uses software flow control X-ON/X-OFF.

Is there reference code made for this kind of application? (I’m using C++). I have searched google but couldn’t find any satisfactory reference.

Dear @kshah,

Could you try portDCB configuration mentioned on this page

Let us know if it don’t work for you.

we tried it. But we are not sure how to use these settings
portDCB.XonChar = 0x11;
portDCB.XoffChar = 0x13;

Do we need to send these Xonchar, Xoffchar before and after data string ?

Dear @kshah,

Could you refer to this document for a more theoretical explanation of UART flow control:

Could you install Windows Embedded Compact from here? There are sample codes available.

Let us know if you have any other questions.