SODIMM Pin 90 in Col T20 is pulled up but has very low voltage

I have Colibri T20 and Iris Carrier Board. Few pins on the board are pulled up by default. Pulled pins always show voltage of 3.2v. So to detect input change, I normally change the pin state to pulled down. So when input is applied, pin has 0v. When there is no input, it has 3.2v.

All the pulled up pins are working fine. But the SODIMM pin 90, by default shows up 1.6v instead of 3.2v. This is the 10th pin of Iris Carrier board. The signal name of this pin is SSPRXD. Do we need to disable the SSP module to properly use this pin. If yes, how to disable it. What else can be done.? Please help. Thanks.!

Where is your comment roman.tx ?

I tested on WinCE 7 v1.4 and SODIMM 90 is by default pulled up at correct voltage level 3.2V.
Can you please provide more details and OS you are using.