SODIMM_133 not acting as Inputs

I have Colibri T20 and Iris Carrier board. It has 8 GPIO pins and I have initialized them as input. But the pin 14(SODIMM_133) is not acting as input. It is always high. In the main code I have done :

   printf("input 2 ON\n");
printf("input 2 OFF\n");

but output is only input 2 ON. How can we make it input. I checked the voltage at the pin. It has 3.2v. DO I need to disable anything to make it input.
Also I dont need to use UARTC in my application. So can I use UART_C_RXD(Pin34) pin as input. Also is it possible to use SSPFRM(Pin 9) and SSPRXD(Pin 10) as inputs. Please help thanks.!


  1. SODIMM_133: I checked it using GPIO Config tool and found default pin level is set to HIGH (pull-up), if you want this pin set as input LOW then you need to change its PULL state to PULL-LOW.

  2. UART_C_RXD: Yes, you can use this pin as GPIO pin, best is if you disable the UART_3 driver from registry too. For more details on serial port registry check this article.

  3. SSPFRM and SSPRXD: yes, you can configure these pins to GPIO if you are not using SPI_1 in your application.

We recommend you to use GPIO Config tool as a reference, on checking the current pin conditions and can configure pins there itself temporarily only.

NOTE: To use GPIO Config tool with iris carrier board, you should know the SODIMM number you want to work on, because pin location mentioned in the tool is on reference to Colibri Evaluation board.