Slew configuration string not recognized by Imx6Gpio_SetConfigString with WinCE

I am trying to set the slew parameter from configuration string of the function Imx6Gpio_SetConfigString, from GpioLib, using a simple console application from WinCE.
I am able to read and write without problems, except the slew parameter that is not working when writing. It is available on read.
For example:
I read: State for Colibri pin 97 is: dir=in,lvl=0,altfn=0,pull=up,strength=6,outmode=std,inmode=std,slew=fast,speed=rsvd,irqtrig=none,sion=normal
If I write it back it fails due to the slew param, with a debug break and output messge:
GpioLib: Invalid configuration string
Unknown: DEBUGCHK failed in file .\src\gpio_common.c at line 318
The same happen if I only write: “slew=low”. I I remove just the slew from the string I read, then I can write it back without ptoblems.
I checked with 1.7 and 2.0 (revision 13) version of the library, revision 13 being the latest version I could find. (the debug output is from latest version)

Can someone check the slew param, on WinCE and iMX6DL, please?

WEC7 is the OS.

I just realized that v2.0 is worse that v1.7, since I still have “invalid configuration string” error if I just remove the slew entry, while v1.7 had no problem with that.

Thank you this library works fine. I checked only for slew parameter and I checked that the “slew” state persists. If I get other issue, I will get back, thanks again!


Thank you for contacting support.

Could you please test with our latest library release and let us know if the issue exists. We are not able to reproduce the issue with the latest library.


Thank you for your update. Happy New Year!