Sitronix-st7701 panel issue with kernel 5.15.71 (kirkstone)

Hi folks;

I am trying to bring up sitronix-st7701 display panel in imx8mm. This display panel is working on yocto Zeus. I have ported the same driver in Kirkstone. during boot time, we get the Linux logo means the display driver is working. After the boot, I am getting the below error and the display goes off.

[   14.046955] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e10000.mipi_dsi: wait rx done time out

[   14.430905] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e10000.mipi_dsi: wait payload tx done time out

But after restarting Weston service display works.

Anyone can suggest where to debug?

Hi @kishan ,
Do you mean that the display does not work when you reboot your verdin iMX8MM but works when you restart weston services?

Hi @sahil.tx ,
During the boot time Linux logo appears on display but after the boot is completed the display is going to off. After restarting the Weston services display works.

Hi @kishan,

Use below command to see if systemctl reports any error

systemctl status weston.service

To get more debug logs add below to ExecStart in weston.service

--log=/var/log/weston.log --debug

Additionally you may also use below flag to restart weston if fail


Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar


Thanks for the reply.

Backlight service put the DRM in a busy state so Weston couldn’t start.
After removing the backlight service I was able to get the display.