Simultaneous H.264 1080p60 encode/decode on Apalis TK1

I need to decode-modify-encode H.264 1080p60 stream. Assuming the modify part is negligible, is TK1 capable of decoding/encoding simultaneously? Had anyone tried that?

I would assume so as even T20 and T30 are capable of doing this (only moderate bitrate 1080p30 base-line profile though). However I don’t believe we ever tried this on TK1 as of yet. Could you tell us some more about what exact media formats you are talking about (e.g. bitrate, profile and such) and where from/to the streams are coming from/going to (e.g. network, SATA or USB)?

Thanks, Marcel. I’m waiting for the media details from a potential customer. The streams input and output is Ethernet.