Silverlight Slow on page update with WEC7 2.3b2

I migrate and full screen application make with silverlight from the WEC image 1.4 to the last WEC image 2.3b2.
I want to do this in order to reactivate the hardware graphic acceleration disable on the 1.4 image(flickering issue after 3-4days).

After application of some update and disable of the power saving option of the T20( DFS, core auto disabling) The applications work normally expect on windows change, the XAML defaults windows is charge rapidely but the controls update are very slow (on each page change we update the visibility of some controls and we update all text for translation supports).
So during and windows change we see the default XAML view during 2-3second before the text update.

This comportment was not present with the 1.4 image.

Do you have a solutions to improve this ?


Dear @ebartholin

We are not aware of such a performance issue. However, there are not too many customer using Silverlight, therefore it might well be that we just didn’t come across it.

I suggest to try to identify the subsystem which causes the problem

  • Does it still happen if you disable DFS and fix the system to a high-performance setting?
  • Does it still happen if you disable graphic acceleration?

Regard, Andy

Dear @ebartholin,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you share sample reproducible application to us, it will help us to look at the exact issue and find a solution quickly
If you are not able to share the application then could you try with our various production release versions like v2.0, v2.1, v2.2 and find exactly which version issue is popping up.

If possible record the video about the issue and share with us.

Please enable the debug messages and share log with us when issue is occuring.

Dear Andy,

I made the test requires in your answers and the problems are still present in the two cases.

  • For the first points the T20 are setting as the picture attach before launch the application
  • For disable the graphic acceleration i applied your previous recommendation:
    go to the \FlashDisk\System Folder and rename the xamelrenderplugin to anything and then rename the xrendererraw to xamlrenderplugin.

Regards, Emeric