Set the default device tree GPIO to high

hello dear support
I am using GPIO2_IO13 on IMX6 as an output GPIO that is acting as a standard GPIO pin on your Pinout Designer tool
but I can not set it low and it is always high
I think it came from a device tree issue
how should I realize the main functionality of every pin in the default BSP??
thanks in advance…

I am using :
Colibri imx6dl V1.1A
iris carrier boaLinuxnux BSP 2.8b7

Unfortunately you can/t set high or low satet of output pin by Device Tree. However you can set pin as and input or High-Z and enable internal pull-up or pull-down. Please check articles below for details:

By analyzing its pinmux settings.

Hello @me_ahani98 ,
Were you able to solve that issue with the info from @alex.tx?

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