Serial console on Mallow (1.1A) with Verdin (1.1A)

Mallow console requires FTDI cable TTL-232RG-VREG1V8-WE to boot the 2.6V signals to RS232 levels. The cable is attached to pins X19 pins16-20 which should be serial 1. USB cable registers as a serial port COM4 on windows when inserted. Using Teraterm on COM4 (tried both 115200 and 9600).

I have loaded TEZI in “recovery” mode and installed Torizon OS 6 (6.6.0-devel-202403+build.22). Torizon boots to a logo on hdmi but eventually clears it - leaving screen blank.

I was hoping to see initially see u-boot on console so as to interrupt Torizon boot - then boot another o/s from SD boot media. (This is how Verdin on Dahlia works for us.)

However, I have never seen ANY valid serial output on the FTDI cable… nothing during boot … nothing after Torizon boots.

Looking for an answer to what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Greetings @Qnxer,

The cable is attached to pins X19 pins16-20 which should be serial 1.

Those pins are UART pins but they’re not the UART pins that are used for the serial debug console. In fact the header for serial debug is X11. But this header is not assembled by default on the Mallow carrier board as stated here: Configuring Serial Port Debug Console (Linux/U-Boot) | Toradex Developer Center

This is also stated in the Mallow datasheet.

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Thanks. Hopefully that will serve our purpose.

Just to clarify what do you plan to do? As I said there is no serial console debug access on the default configuration of the Mallow carrier board. Is that okay for your needs? Or do you need serial debug?

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I moved the FTDI cable (TTL-232RG-VREG1V8-WE) to the 6 pads marked “DEBUG”. Now I get the u-boot console on connected laptop and I am able to boot QNX o/s.

This can be closed. Thanks.