Second ethernet not detect on VF61 module

Hi team,

I have a customer gateway with 2 Ethernet PHY on it. We are working with Colibri-vf61 module on that.

with linux-toradex kernel version 4.4 (4.4.88-2.7.4+ge0f2806) and some dtb changes we able to get both Ethernet working on that gateway.

while with latest linux toradex version 4.4 (4.4.139-2.8.3+g166cb6f) and same dtb changes (same as above kernel) we facing the issue like fec 400d0000.ethernet eth0: could not attach to PHY.

for the issue I compare the dtb file change 2-3 time but no major difference found . Is that issue from kernel side or something else ?

please check the logs for both kernel and dtb changes file. link text

please check and let me know the issue.

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

It is difficult to test dual ethernet without hardware.
Could you please check the modification done on the DTS files from older to the newer kernel?
Also can you please track up to what commit it is working properly.

Hi @deven.tx ,

I send you the changes done from my side in both the kernel. I checked that no much difference for the Ethernet there.

Working till commit for kernel 4.4.88

commit e0f2806138a4eeb3c31abe0e0e767d0f6d9a13a3

Author: Stefan Agner

Date: Wed Sep 27 11:07:51 2017 +0200

Not working for kernel 4.4.139

commit 166cb6f4a4aff202d98914fe0c5530d26ce671a5

Author: Russell King

Date: Thu Feb 4 16:54:45 2016 +0000



Hi @deven.tx ,

is their any update ?

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Could you please share the changes done related to ethernet?
Is there any particular reason for moving to kernel 4.4.139?

Hi @deven.tx ,

Please check the diff file for both kernel. link text

As I update to poky3.0, I got the latest kernel -4.4.139.

FYI : Gateway (Hardware) is same in both case.


Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

It is hard to test without proper H/W setup so as we discussed over call once you get time just track for the particular commit where the issue occurs.
And then get back to us.

Currently, I am marking the question as solved.